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Enough Is Enough: The Confusion Surrounding Akufo Addo’s Health Explained

The health of African leaders has become a subject of debate and a source of worry for many people of the continent, and especially the youth. This is because of the recent medical challenges of some African leaders limiting them in the performance of their functions.

Quite recently, Nigerians became worried about their President’s health when it was reported that he had gone for a medical checkup in the United Kingdom, but could not make it through the operation that he had gone for.

So it is not surprising that some Ghanaians have already started speculating of the health status of Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, after a video of him having challenges to cut a ‘tape’ to commission a new infrastructure.

In that said video, President, Nana Akufo-Addo is seen to be missing a tape that he wanted to cut, a number of times, before finally being able to do that. This video has gotten many Ghanaians talking about the fact that the President is suffering from some unknown illness. They even recounted similar instances leading to the death of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. But could we base on a video to really talk ill about the President’s health? Can we only look at a video from one angle without knowing the full fact of the prevailing conditions on the ground? Can this really be a credible means of assessing the President’s health with just a single video?

Well, I think no. Why do I say so?

From my little understanding, how the environment reacts at certain times of the day, can cause something to be swinging from one point to the other and that can result in someone missing the tape several times until he eventually gets it. So from the foregoing, it is possible that the wind which was blowing at that particular point in time, no matter how feeble, could have been responsible for the swinging of the tape that the President was holding.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, with the exception of this video, has not been seen to have exhibited any sign of him being ill. In the case of former President John Evans Atta Mills, it was quite evident that the man was not well. Those who can remember will know that it got to a point, the palms of the man allegedly had started darkening. He was growing lean, and his voice even started becoming hazy. There were reports that he had gone to South Africa and the United States of America to seek medical attention for a certain type of cancer that he was suffering from.

Have we heard the same or even similar reports about the current President? Nana Akufo-Addo, despite being advanced in age, is regarded as one of the fittest people of his age looking at how he carries himself around. He is seen everywhere, working for Ghana. According to people close to the seat of power, the old man can sometimes work deep in the night without showing signs of slowing down.    

So once there has not been any report linking the President to any illness, it will be quite preposterous and disingenuous for people to start talking about the man being ill when we are not doctors with access to his medical history to proclaim so.

Is it political expediency? I can only hazard a guess. But it would be unfortunate if people want to play politics with the health of the President.

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