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Seven days remedy for snoring

If you snore or live with a person who snores, you will know that it is a big challenge. It is a challenge to sound sleep. Snoring can even collapse relationships and marriages.

If you snore or knows anyone who snores, then, this article will be very helpful. The good news is that the remedy takes only seven days. And it is not a conventional remedy. And also easy to apply.


1. Ginger

2. Blender

3. Cotton wool

4. Water


After thorough cleaning of the ginger, cut them into smaller pieces and blend.

After blending, you will soak the ginger solution with the cotton wool.

Afterwards, you will squeeze the water out of the cotton wool. Then, you place the cotton wool on your nose and inhale.

Repeat the preparation process everyday using fresh ginger everyday for seven days. And you will say goodbye to snoring.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: ebensaah (via Opera News )

Blender Ginger


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