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Indications That Someone Is Lying

Quite often than not, we try our best to figure out whether someone is lying to us or not. I’ve seen several memes on WhatsApp that say “everyone is lying”. But how do they know this? For years, people have tried to come up with reliable ways to determine if someone is lying or not. There’s a polygraph that has been in use for the last decades to know if someone is lying. People have found a way to beat it and hence it’s not that reliable to used in court. Psychologists and researchers have studied body language of people for quite a long time and have discovered certain behaviors that people show when they’re lying. In this article are a few of them.

1. Movement of head. When someone is lying, they tend to move their heads a lot more often when they are being questioned. They rotate their head and tilt it a lot as if they feel bad for what they’re doing. When talking to person or questioning them, pay attention to these details. 

2. Abnormal Breathing. This behavior is very difficult to pick up. When someone is lying, he or she tends to breath heavier. Because they breath heavily, their voice become shallow because of the presence of air in their trachea. These changes are also due to the fact that they’re nervous and tensed.

3. Repetition. When someone is lying, they often repeat what they’re saying. They often repeat what they’re saying when they are communicating. They do this to convince themselves that whatever they’re saying is true. They also do not want to tell a different story from what they already said. It’s also a delay tactics to help them organize their thoughts to aid them lie more.

4. Information Overload. When o e is lying, they try as much as possible to provide too much evidence to prove their innocence. They provide information that isn’t needed. They do this to prove they’re clean and they’ve nothing to hide from you. Be ready to look out for this if you feel someone is lying to you.

5. Shuffling Of Feet. This is another indication that someone is lying. This is another way they react to discomfort and nervousness triggered by their behavior. This reaction is subconscious. It shows that they prefer to rather walk away from the situation they find themselves. It’s very easy to spot this sign.

6. Loss For Words. Due to the fact that it might take time for them to rapidly get their thoughts together to form a new lie, they sometimes take unnecessary pauses to do this. They find it very difficult to make any speech. People also tend to bite their teeth when they’re lying.

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