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What BALANCED DIET can do to you.

We have grown up listening to the term "balanced diet " in Science. It refers to a diet that has all the essential nutrients and minerals that will keep us healthy. Having a balanced diet has been encouraged by our childhood. After all, it is important in keeping our health well. A person intakes appropriate amounts of proteins, minerals, and nutrients in a balanced diet. It is quiet necessary for the smooth functioning of our body. If we consume a balanced diet regularly, we will always remain healthy. It lessens any chances of falling ill. Moreover, a balanced diet also boosts our immune system.

Importance of a BALANCED DIET

Most people believe that a balanced diet is definitely the key to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet must contain the proper foods that are consumed in apt quantities. A perfect balanced diet is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, high fiber content, vitamins and more. Moreover,, nowadays the trend of junk foods is here to stay. People are not taking a balanced diet rather eating all sorts of harmful foods.

Most importantly, it is called a 'balanced diet ' because it requires all the foods to be eaten in a balanced manner. For instance, if you intake large amounts of carbohydrates and little amount of protein, that will not be called a balanced, even if you are eating the right foods. The balance needs to be maintained for that.

How to have a BALANCED DIET

One can always adopt a healthy lifestyle by starting to consume a balanced diet. Firstly, one must definitely increase the amount of liquid to consume in a day. Fluids are very important for the human body to function healthily. As almost 80% of our body is filled with water, we need it for good metabolism. Thus, start with drinking at least two to three liters of water everyday. Moreover, try cutting down on the consumption of tea ,coffee, alcohol, and other such addictive liquids. Moreover, one must always eat fresh vegetables and fruits. As fresh fruits and vegetables are great source of fiber and vitamins, we must consume them for good body growth. Try to avoid eating deep fried or overcooked food as it loses all its nutrients. The balanced diet must have the five essential elements ie bitter, sour ,sweet ,pungent and salty. Also the emphasis is on fresh fruits because the processed or packed ones do not have nutrients.

Always chew your food patiently. Do not just swallow it after chewing for four five times. This way your food won't get digested properly. Savor the food slowly and steadily. Next do not eat in excess. You must know when to draw the line and stop when you don't have the appetite. Therefore , we see how balanced diet will keep you healthy and fit. It will improve the quality of your life and keep all the illness away.

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