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The Stages of Headache That Every Ghanaian Must Know

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How often do you go to the drugstore to buy painkillers like Para?

Headache or migraine as some people calls it is a disorder that is described by a feeling of throbbing pains at one side of the head. Two-third of the world population usually experience this condition at least once every week. However, most of them do not usually notice it until it becomes worse and one particular side of the head start to give them a severe hammering.

The stage where you like someone is hitting your head with a nail is known as the Attack stage and it is the third stage of the headache or migraine process. So, the question is, how can you catch signs and symptoms of headache at its early stage?

We’ve got the right answer to your question here. Let’s talk about it.

The Stages of Headache

Migraine, like any other disorder, has its own series of phases or stages and safe to say, not everyone who gets this throbbing agony pass through all the stages.

1. Prodrome stage

The prodrome stage is the first phase of headache which is characterized by cravings, constipation, firmness of the neck and an increased urge to urinate. It usually occurs few days before the migraine.

2. Aura stage

Have you ever had a feeling like music is playing in your head and a few minutes later, you feel pains within your head?

Headache: what makes a headache serious? -

Of course, you have and that is one of the signs of the Aura stage. It can occur during and after your episodes. Some other signs include numbness, throbbing speaking, difficulty in seeing things clearly and others.

3. Attack stage

This is the point where your episodes become severe and you definitely want to have some drugs. As the name depicts, the attack phase is symptomized by nausea and pains at one side of the head. It also makes one very perceptive to natural events such as light, sound and even touches. This aspect of the condition usually lasts for about 72 hours especially when left unattended.

4. Post-drome stage

This is the last stage of the disorder and is usually described by a feeling of drain and confusion. However, other symptoms may depend on your immune system.

Headache is not a life-threatening disease, however; it can occur as signs or symptoms of severe or dangerous diseases. It is therefore important to know these stage as it will help you to ‘arrest’ the condition at it infant stage.

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