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Water Has Not Been Flowing For Weeks But We Are Still Receiving High Bills - Ghanaians Voice Out

Water is an essential element vital for survival and convenience of living. Thus, Ghanaians have been saddened by the recent water shortages in many communities and have thus taken to their various social media handles in the hope of voicing out their opinions so that the water problems would be resolved.

Some Ghanaians took to the various radio stations and also their social media handles to express their struggle.

Some recount that they have not been receiving water for weeks, and even when it flows, it does so for just an hour. One thing they all have in common in their statements is that although they have not been receiving water or the pipes have not been flowing they still receiving water bills during those time periods.

They mention that when amazes them is that the water bill is as high as if they have been receiving a normal supply of water.

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