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Chew crab eyes leaves, Drink Warm Coconut Water After Chewing, To Treat This Disease.

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In today's article I will be talking about a very powerful herbal leaves that have been used in treating variety of disease .

The name of the leave is called crab eyes leaves or sailors seed leaves but locally, the seed is popularly known as "Obroni ani " leaves. These leaves are very common around bushy area but you can get some at any nearest timbermarket.

See picture of the plant.

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Health Benefits.

1.It helps treat heartburn and heartaches. Heartburns and heartaches are now one of the most common disease , with these disease ,chew a handful of the leaves ,after drink warm coconut water or warm water. This remedy is rich in healthy compounds and antioxidant that helps regulate blood pressure and active the cells of the body thus they are perfect in treating these disease.

If your child who cannot chew the leaves is suffering from this disease, blend the leaves and squeeze the liquid in his or her mouth. You can add half thumb of ginger.

2.It prevents cancers. Phytonutrients present in the leaves helps strengthen the cells thus prevent cancer.

3.Boast your sexual enhancement.

Aside the above benefits the leaves also does wonders when it comes to our sexual life. It boast our sexual pleasure and our "liblido". Both sexes can use the remedy.

Just chew a handful of the leaves after you drink your coconut water.

You can also blend the leaves with ginger, drink the juice after then you take in your warm coconut water.

Possible question: Will the remedy affect me when I take it and I have no partner to mate with.

Answer: No, it won't affect you the remedy would just boast your desire for sex with time so this it has to be taken continuously for about 2 weeks.

4.It also prevent cold, cough and asthma. Abrus precatorius as it is scientifically been called also contains compounds and antioxidant that also treat cough and asthma.

With these boil the leaves in water for about 30min. You can take them morning and evening.

5. Also these leaves are also very good for old age. It helps strengthen their cells , regulates their blood pressure and also boast their appetite.

With anyone above 55years I advise you to make these tea your daily drink. Drink it at least twice daily and I bet you it will shape your health.

Bottom Line.

Avoid chewing the seeds they are very dangerous and poisonous.

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