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High blood Sugar Cure through regenerative approach: Efforts from recent research.

Metformin and insulin are becoming outdated when it comes to diabetes treatment. There are recent research outcomes that use a druggable regenerative approach to normalize blood sugar and get rid of the impending complications.

This research focused on the revival or regeneration of the islet cell Langerhans of the pancreas. The idea was since the liver could regenerate at least half its original size, it was possible to apply a similar method to revive the islet cells.

Note: the islet cells are responsible for secreting hormones like glucagon and insulin to balance blood sugar. Thus, if there is a revival of those cells, the pancreas would secrete sufficient hormones to balance blood sugar.

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High blood sugar leads to numerous complications. First, it is an acute symptom of diabetes, making it dangerous. If it persists, could lead to full-blown diabetes. And, subsequently, to other complications such as kidney failure, eye defects, foot ulcers, and amputation.

Some recent research breakthrough was from the clinical manufacturing of medicines that integrates sensitization of beta cells to excite cells and trigger insulin production. These discoveries were done with natural components to eradicate any impending side effects of intensive therapy.

A Mice was used in the research to prove the role of the regenerative sensitization of cells in triggering hormone (insulin and glucagon) secretion in the bloodstream. Also, to monitor any developing side effects.

The druggable regenerative approach does have a track record of success – albeit in very few numbers of diseases. “More sophisticated diseases like heart-related diseases will require the application of more advanced methods than what is available now to make an actual clinical impact.

Examples of the use of these research findings for high blood sugar cures and testimonies from beneficiaries can be seen here.

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