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Stop Throwing Eggshells Away See The Role It Can Play On Your Health

Getting enough dietary calcium is easy for most people.

However, others do not meet their daily requirements because of restrictive diets, low food intake or food shortage. For these people, cheap sources of calcium like eggshells may prove useful.

Not to mention, using eggshells is an excellent way to reduce your kitchen waste, even by just a little bit.

This article takes a look at the risks and benefits of eggshell supplements

An eggshell is the hard, outer covering of an egg. It consists of calcium carbonate, protein and other minerals.

Eggshells contains about 40% of calcium, each gram providing 381–401 mg. And half of it is enough to meet the daily calcium requirements for an adult, which is 1,000 mg per day.

Eggshells are very rich in calcium. And it's absorption rate is better than calcium carbonate supplements, study suggest.

In addition to calcium and protein, eggshells also contain small amounts of other minerals, including strontium, fluoride, magnesium and selenium that play a role in bone health.

It also plays a vital role in weak bones especially the aged.

The eggshell membrane is located between the eggshell and the egg white. It is easily visible when you peel a boiled egg.

When making eggshell powder at home, there is no need for you to remove the membrane.

Eggshell membrane mainly consists of protein in the form of collagen. And this compound may play a very significant role on your health.

However, some studies show that regular intake of eggshell membrane supplements may benefit your joints.

Aside the benefits it's offers there is also risk of it.

When prepared correctly, eggshell powder is considered safe. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Do not attempt to swallow large fragments of eggshell as they might injure your throat and esophagus.

2. Eggshells may be contaminated with bacteria. To avoid the risk of food poisoning, make sure to boil eggs before eating their shell.

3. Natural calcium supplements may contain relatively high amounts of toxic metals, including lead, aluminum, cadmium and mercury.

However, the amounts of these toxic elements in eggshells tend to be lower than in other natural calcium sources, such as oyster shells, and is generally not a concern.

To prevent the risk of injury or infection, eggshells should be boiled and ground into powder before you eat them.

How to Supplement With Eggshells

You can either make your own eggshell supplements at home by using a pestle and mortar or blender and sieving it afterwards or buy pre-made eggshell powder at health food shops.

Just be sure to grind the eggshells into powder or very small fragments before eating them and should be well dry before crushing them.

You can then add the powder to food or mix it with water or juice. One study concluded that some of the best foods to add eggshell powder to are bread, spaghetti, pizza and breaded, fried meat.

Roughly 2.5 grams of eggshells should be enough to meet the daily calcium requirements of an adult.

To be on the safe side, moderate your intake and do not take calcium supplements unless recommended by a health professional.

So inclusion eggshells are not only one of the cheapest sources of calcium, they also appear to be among the most effective.

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