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What To Know About The Covid_19 Pandemic

By this time of the year this pandemic has not seem to be gone because of the continuously spreading of this virus and its newly comes variant that has made our life more difficult to adjust because of the changes of our safety health protocols.

By this time the only thing helping us is resilience to cure our souls in this pandemic because resilience means to help us get through rough times And resilience also helps us to recover in our fears, tragedy, stress, trauma or the adversity, being in this kind of pandemics situation is really stressful because you will never know whether our health protocols will change or not so it is very hard to predict that some of our fellow Filipino’s are facing their rough time causing them to be stressed out. We need to preventt this kind of stress because it can affect our health just by thinking in this situation, to prevent it we must think positive in every situation because thinking in that way helps us to prevent anxiety in our minds and it also helps us to feel safe.

Still many Filipino’s had anxiety that must be helped but some of the places in Philippines are so far that our government cannot give everything that every province should have even anywhere in the Philippines, and because of that, many Filipino cultures and group are having struggles in food and personal finances because this pandemic has gone too long enough, that it results many hospital to their capacity and all our frontliners are getting tired because of the continuous cases and patients arriving at the hospital with different complications not only that, but also our government is also getting tired because of this situation.

Even though we already have our vaccines, some of the Filipino’s do not want to participate in the vaccine program because some of them are scared that they might be infected when getting the vaccines, and with that many Filipino’s are scared that they are not ready to get the vaccines in them.

Today is the new normal, but some Filipino’s could not adjust to this because of their poor lifestyle that they cannot even get themselves a food for a month, hearing that can make us in tears to pity them but we do not have anything else other than themselves and their family throughout the months.

Quarantine means that most of the places are getting close to a new life of a normal, But this new normal does not mean that everything’s going back to the way we left them because the new normal is more of a difficult time because were not allowed to lose our mask and face shield.The virus could spread again using our saliva droplets. Throughout the months and years that has passed, Resilience growth had helped many Filipino’s to recover from their tragedies that has brought them to stress because many of our fellas has anxiety that could stress them really bad and now, resilience has helped them to have high hopes that this pandemic in someday will be gone and everything will be okay ,not now but I am sure soon.

But right now everything is not going well because of another variant of virus and because of this many tourist and provincial residents could not go in their province because of the changes in our safety protocols, and because many Filipino’s could not afford the swab test to get in, they all decided to change the day date and time of their travel because it is too complicated by now and also some of the places here had activated their safety checkpoints again, because before you can pass their checkpoint you might need them to check your swab test proving that you are not a covid positive. This situation had made our lives harder but we cannot control the world to stop and turn the good times back, by this many Filipino’s learned that life is not too easy to chill everyday, we need to realize that we also need to be independent and responsible in our every move because money is also hard to earn . Many stores are forced to close because many people chose not to go outside but there are also few people who are not following the safety protocols that is why some of them are getting infected and our community hospitals are having trouble because of the capacity is exceeded .

And most of the infected people are escaping the hospital for some reason and continuously walking along the streets like nothing happened to them, and by that some people are getting infected without knowing on how have they had the virus, this world has gone too much pollutions and virus that the atmosphere is getting tired on holding all the earths waste and infections, take care of yourselves and follow our safety health protocols to prevent the virus from spreading inside and out our homes.

Resilience growth in amidst pandemic has help us through a lot since this pandemic is giving us so much stress that our only reliever is resilience .Stay at home for our safety and follow the protocols to prevent sickness .

Content created and supplied by: Gordenbliss (via Opera News )

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