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Check Out Six Reasons To Add Grapes in Your Daily Diet According To Health Experts

Grapes are healthy fruits and most easily available throughout the year and is the fruit for every season. For those with a consistent and balanced diet, the choice of grapes is extremely important. Grapes are in many colors and forms. Red grapes, Green Grapes, Purple grapes, Grape-jelly, Grape jam and Grape juice, raisins and of course Grape wine.

According to health experts, below are six health benefits of eating grapes.

Rich in Fiber & Water. Grapes are fiber-rich fruit, known as ‘Fiber active’. Grapes are a big source of fiber and other vitamins that are vital for health. A diet rich in fiber and vegetables has been linked with a reduced risk of disease, boosting stamina and keeping the body refreshed and hydrated. Grapes are also a good source of water and are usually used in extreme conditions where there are water scarcity and water shortage. Such fruit is in high demand in warm climates and in desert lands.

Kill Cancer. Grapes have been known to be life-saving fruit for some life-threatening ailment, including cancer. Grapes contain powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols and one of them is called ‘resveratrol’, found in the skin of red grapes and is known to prevent the growth of tumors in lymph, liver, stomach, and leukemia.

Good for The Eyes. Grapes are good for the eyes and help reduce eye infections. Anti-oxidants like ‘lutein’ and ‘zeaxanthin’ actually help neutralize unstable molecules in the eyes, reduce oxidative stress and prevent damage to the retina. Grapes help prevent long term prevention of cataracts in the eyes. More grape intake also leads to a cure for ‘retinopathy’- a disease that leads to impaired or poor vision.

Reduce Diabetes. Research has indicated that eating more grapes actually helps reduce Type 2 diabetes in adults. However, the high level of sugar found in grapes needs to be checked through medical supervision according to the patient’s meal-plan and diet schedule after doctors advise to maintain a check on sugar and carbohydrate levels in the body.

Cure Constipation, Acne, and Allergies. Grapes help remove constipation, stomach problems, skin infections, and acne. Grapes keep the body hydrated due to water found in grapes and improved bowel movement as it helps maintain a healthy gut on a constant basis.

A compound like ‘benzoyl peroxide’, found in resveratrol is known to be a cure for acne and helps maintain good skin. Many also believe that consuming grapes helps alleviate symptoms of allergies, including runny nose, watery eyes, and skin allergies.

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