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5 Foods to Help Support Spiritual Growth and Your Third Eye Opening

We all know that eating wholesome, organic, and unprocessed foods is important at all times, but during periods of spiritual development or awakening it is especially crucial that your body is nourished with foods that will support your moving vibration.

Eating certain foods is also important during times of transition, awakening, and high emotional stress.

As your vibration level increases in frequency, your energy may feel displaced, shaky, or even unstable. You may even begin to have bodily sensations, vivid dreams, or become sensitive to others. It's crucial that you feed your body during this time with foods that will support both your pineal gland and you during this process.

The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is known as the "seat of consciousness." It is in the role of providing us dreams and visions and connecting us to our higher purpose or source energy.

Here are 5 foods that will support you if you want to support or enhance your intuition, refocus your energy, or need assistance with ascension symptoms:

To be effective, each of these must be organic or homegrown without pesticides.

1. Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil

Olive oil and coconut oil are examples of healthy fats that not only support the brain and nervous system but also help us develop of our intuition.

When you first experience awakening, you might experience anxiety or even depression as you attempt to adapt to the changes. Consuming a diet high in these fats can assist in calming you and maintaining your equilibrium during the procedure.

2. Raw Cacao  

In addition to being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, cacao is also thought to support pineal gland health and improve intuition. 

Raw cacao is also a powerful detoxifier that can aid in the removal of toxic energy from your body and aura. It is also very energizing and can help to keep energy levels stable throughout the day.

3. Beets

Beets help in the detoxification of heavy metals and the cleansing of the pineal gland.

Beets are also very grounding and can help you feel more centered and balanced, particularly if you are experiencing ascension symptoms or simply feeling 'out of touch' with reality.

4. Herbs 

There are numerous herbs that can help with ascension, intuition, and awakening. You can use herbs to raise your vibrational frequency, expand your consciousness, heal your body, and develop your psychic abilities. In fact, herbs are incredible at assisting you in ascending to a higher state of consciousness.

You can use specific herbs to treat chakra opening and ascension symptoms.

5. Water

Although staying hydrated is important at all times, it becomes especially important during ascension. Water aids in the removal of toxins from your body as well as the detoxification of unfavorable emotions and energy.

Sometimes as a person grows spiritually, the hurts and wounds of the past are also revealed in order to be healed. Releasing some of these emotions and letting go can be facilitated by maintaining hydration.

Maintaining proper hydration also helps your brain function, which benefits the health of your nervous system and pineal gland.

Along with experimenting with some of these foods, it's crucial to cut out fluoride, alcohol, soda, processed grains, GMOs, and pesticides from your diet because they all impede pineal gland function and the growth of intuition. It prevents you from opening your third eye.

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