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I Am Not A Witch - Meet The Ghanaian Blue-Eyed Child.

Rebecca Chogtaa Dumeh was born with Wardenburg Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes blue eyes, deafness, and inability to speak. Once in every 42,000 births, a person is born with a rare genetic disorder. In March 2021, Dumeh, whose story went viral two years ago, will turn five years old.

Dumeh's rare condition necessitated surgery and other treatments when she was three years old. The Afi Antonio Foundation and the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in South Africa raised funds to conduct a Cochlear implant operation for her, allowing her to hear and learn speech through speech therapy.

The charity worked together to raise $34,000 to fund one ear surgery and her living expenses in South Africa for six months. Since the two charities couldn't raise the $50,000 required for both ears at the time, the operation was only performed on one ear. Dumeh is back in school, and the foundation is optimistic that they will be able to collect the remaining funds for her surgery and therapy. Despite her illness, Dumeh has turned her lemons into lemonade, modeling to raise funds for her surgery and to raise awareness for people with similar conditions. 

People with such conditions are not witches as others think. They are special!

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