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Girl Has Her Neck Bent At 90 Degrees After Suffering A Mysterious Condition…

A 12 years old girl is desperately waiting for life-changing surgery after a mysterious condition left her head bent at a 90° angle. Afsheen Kumbar is known to suffer from a muscular disorder that has caused her to develop a severely twisted neck, known medically as torticollis. 

At just one years old, an accident which affected Afsheen’s neck changed her life forever. This accident happened when Afsheen Kumbar was playing outside with her elder brother. When Afsheen was a baby, she fell from her older brother’s lap and had a neck injury. Her parents were unable to afford to take her to a doctor. Afsheen’s neck permanently became stuck in a sidewards position and she is still suffering from this condition till this day. Unable to keep her head upright, Afsheen lives in constant pain, which leaves her struggling to eat, use the toilet and even walk. 

Afsheen's condition also stops her from going to school, with her spending her days at home in Mithi in Sindh, Pakistan, with her mother Jameelan, 52 years, and eldest brother Mohammad Yaqoob Kumbar, 27 years.

With doctors baffled as to what is causing Afsheen's bent neck, the family have no idea what the future holds for her. The family are unable to pay for surgery to help Afsheen after her father died of cancer last year, forcing them to live on Jameelan's salary while she works as 'domestic help'. 

Afsheen, now aged 12, needs help from her brother and mother to do basic tasks. Despite all the setbacks, Afsheen has grown in confidence with the help of her friends and social media. Her mother, Jameelan, and brother are hoping that one day, Afsheen will undergo surgery to improve her standard of living. 

Speaking of his sister's condition, Yaqoob said: 'We are worried for her future. 'We do not know what will happen to her.’ We are anxious that if she is left untreated, she could develop some other disease.'

Left untreated, the constant tension caused by torticollis can cause the muscles in the neck to swell and pressure to be put on the nerve roots. This has been linked to degenerative spine disease, which occurs when the discs between the vertebrae break down. 

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