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Sleeping with light on or off, which one is healthier.

As humans we had light to provide us with a sense of security so that the dark night didn't feel so frightening.

Sleeping is the time for our body to rest and recuperate. Adult usually needs seven to eight hours of sleep, while children and teenagers need less than ten hours of sleep. The most from our time in the land of nod,it is important to do it right , whether to turn it on or off.

A study has shown that sleeping with the light on may shorten melatonin by about 90 minutes. Melatonin is a hormone that regulate sleep and wakefulness. So this means leaving the night on or off may lead to sickness such as,

1. Cancer

A study has shown that women who sleeps under higher intensity light have a higher chance of getting breast cancer than those who sleeps with the light off.

2. Weight gain

Artificial light makes people gain weight and the effects are similar to eating junk food.

3. Depression

Getting exposed to light for too long period of time in the bedroom will affect your stress hormone cortisol and is connected to your mental health.

Sleeping with the light off help for good metabolism, build the immune system and the rest. Please hack your sleep habits and keeping the bedroom as dark as possible.

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