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I Don't Have The Virus - Joyce Dzidzor Challenges New Test Results

Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is challenging results of a recent HIV test she took in Ghana to prove her status. The results which came out positive for HIV-1 virus is under a fierce contention from Madam Dzidzor as she claim that earlier results provides more clarity about her status.

According to her there are various types of HIV tests to inform clinicians and therapist about their treatment for persons infected by the deadly virus. Joyce Dzidzor argued that the test that was taken in-camera last week was an anti-body test for HIV, and thus cannot tell if she has strains of the virus in her.

She told Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Angel FM this morning that, anti-bodies are not indicative of one's HIV status especially as being a carrier of the virus. She indicated that for the past close to a decade, she has been attended to by medical specialist and virologist in Germany who have proven that her viral loads are zero.

Joyce Dzidzor clarified that viral load test are more indicative of people's status than anti-body test, adding that ones she has a history of infection and treatment, it is natural for the system to generate antibodies to fight the disease, "just like any other diseases".

She stressed that if she was a carrier of the virus, men who had slept with her unprotected would have ended up being infected by the HIV virus.

"I don't have the virus because the viral load is zero and has been that for years. It was for that reason why I had sex with those white guys without any condom. They had all tested negative for the virus too.

"They don't see the virus but anti-bodies. Secondly, I have gone past the stage where I can transfer the virus to others. Its a complicated issue."

She noted that people should not be misinformed about the HIV virus and her condition, in the face of the new results about her status. She emphasized that there are more scientific explanation about her status than what was provided after the test recently.

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