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Stay Away from These Foods If You Have Diabetes. They Kill You Slowly

Foods are eaten for good health and growth, but not all foods provides us with the good health the body require. Some has no effect on the body when eaten , others help in healing our diseases, while most worsen the infections and diseases we are battling.

Diabetic patients are at a very high risk because about 70% of our daily foods trigger diabetes related issues. Inbthus article I'll take you through some foods you should stay away from if you are suffering from diabetes.

Trans fat. Trans fat are common in butter, margarine, peanut and often baked foods to help extent a product's self Life. Although trans fat doesn't directly raise blood sugar level but they increase insulin resistance which is dangerous for the body in regulating blood sugar.

White bread, rice and pasta. These are foods high in carbohydrates. Eating these foods has been shown to significantly increase blood sugar level in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Fruit flavoured yogurts. Fruits flavoured yogurts are usually low in fats but high in sugar. Eating this product can lead to higher blood sugar and insulin level.

Dried fruits. These become more concentrated in sugar and may contain more than four times as many carbohydrates as fresh fruits do. Avoid dried fruits and choose fruits low in sugar.

Packaged snacks. They are typically highly processed foods made from refined flour which can raise your blood sugar level.

Eating these foods can raise your blood sugar and insulin level. Uncontrolled diabetes may cause serious consequences including heart diseases, kidney disease, blindness and other complications.

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