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Checkout These Health Benefits Of Sucking Breast

Woman breasts are filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked or licked. But some men avoid a woman’s milk as they believe the breast milk is harmful to adults. In this article, we'll be examining some benefits of it.

• Breast milk can help to deal with cancer. Adults with cancer cells in them or with digestive disorder and immune disorder are advised to drink lot of milk daily to ease the ravages of chemotherapy. It helps to boost their immune system and improve digestion.

Sucking and massaging breasts daily help to reduce chances of getting breast lumps or breast cancer. It helps in easy flow of hormones and prevents lumps in the breast.

• It also helps boost immune system. It is a natural way that stimulates the immune system resulting in the production of antibodies that can protect body from viruses. This process is called cross immunotherapy. During breast sucking the breath rate of a woman becomes faster more than 60 times per minute which is good for lungs.

• It's good for the heart as well. It helps to maintain the cardiovascular system. If a woman breast is sucked for a long period of time daily it increases the heart beat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute. It is a very good exercise for your heart health.

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