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20 Health Benefits Of Grains Of Selim (Hwentia OR Soh)

Grains of Selim or Hwentia in Twi and Soh in Ga, all of the Ghanaian local languages, are the seeds of a shrubby tree, Xylopia aethiopica, found in Africa and it has a lot of medicinal value to the human body.


English Name:   Grains of Selim

Scientific name: Xylopia aethiopica,

Other Names:   Hwentia in Fante/Twi, Soh in Ga, Ethiopian pepper, African pepper, Guinea pepper, Negro pepper, Uda (Ibo), Chimba (Hausa)

 Hwentia or Soh or the Grains of Selim have a musky flavor and are used as spices. Or as a flavoring agent in the preparation of Coffee (café Touba, the dominant style of coffee in Senegal) or White Porridge in the southern part of Ghana.

When being used as a spice, seasoning, or flavoring agent. Grains of Selim or Hwentia are slightly crushed before, it is added to either soup, stew, or porridge. It is a must-have for all cuisine enthusiasts. These delicious and unique organic peppers lend an aromatic note and spicy touch and flavor to stews, soups, fish, and meat.

According to studies and research conducted, the Grains of Selim have a lot of distinctive nutritional value to the human body. It mostly includes but is not limited to protein, Vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, and E, manganese, copper, zinc, folic acid, and limonene which all help the body to be in a good healthy condition and also fight some diseases which might affect it.   



1.        Hwentia or Soh has an antimicrobial property to fight against microbial invasion which destroys the body.

2.        Hwentia or Soh is also good for fighting respiratory discomforts like Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Asthma.

3.        Consumption of Hwentia or Soh is good for fighting malaria due to its anti-malaria property found in it and it's proven to be one of the best local remedies for malaria.

4.        Hwentia or Soh used by newly born mothers in the preparation of pepper soup or postpartum herbal tonic, is necessary to clear blood clots in the womb after delivery.

5.        Hwentia or Soh is used as a natural contraceptive to control the spacing of children by boiling the seeds with only water and taking the solution after sexual intercourse.

6.        Hwentia or Soh helps nursing mothers to boost their appetite and production of milk after childbirth.

7.        Consumption of Hwentia or Soh by women who just delivered, helps to facilitate the healing of wounds in the womb and the recovery process.

8.        The antioxidant properties in Hwentia or Soh prevent and destroy the growth of cancer cells.

9.        Consumption of Hwentia or Soh is good for combating pathogens or organisms that cause syphilis.

10.      Hwentia or Soh also has an analgesic effect so its consumption is good to reduce general pain.

11.      Hwentia or Soh also has anti-inflammatory properties to combat Rheumatism.

12.      Regular use of Hwentia or Soh is healthy for treating gastrointestinal problems such as gastric ulcers.

13.      Regular consumption of Hwentia or Soh boosts fertility.

14.      The use of Hwentia or Soh is good for the treatment of infectious ailments such as cough, flu, and cold.

15.      Hwentia or Soh contains anti-spirochetal properties and thus can potentially destroy pathogens that are capable of causing syphilis, relapsing fever, yaws, and other related diseases.

16.      The antibacterial properties in Hwentia or Soh help to kill bacteria in the stomach and intestine which cure dysentery. 

17.      Regular consumption of Hwentia or Soh promotes weight loss to ensure healthy weight control.

18.      The crushed seeds of Hwentia or Soh are very effective in the treatment of boil, itches, and skin eruption when applied directly on the skin.

19.      The extract from Hwentia or Soh plants is used as insect repellents for killing insecticides.

20.      The essential oils of Hwentia or Soh can be used for the production of cosmetics such as creams, soaps, foaming liquid, and perfumes. 


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