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Weight Lose

How to overcome obesity.

Obesity has become a problem for both adults and children in this world we are living in. Both adults and children who are obese gets blood pressure or diabetics. If so, how can this menace be cured for humans to have a better life.

You can only lose weight when you adjust your diet. You will lose weight when you reduce your daily calories by 500 a day for the whole week. By doing so, you will be going on the path of achievement.

Obese people face sickness and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure and many more, so it is then a solution for them to reduce the fat taken by them into the body to prevent this illnesses.

One can also exercise daily to help reduce fat and cholesterol from his or her blood stream. Exercise like running, push ups and many more can be farely done to help reduce fat and help in the weight losing process.

Street foods and too much of meat should be shortened by such people because they mostly contain fat which even worsen the case and make their effort goes in vain. Most people like this fried foods alot, such foods must not be eaten always to prevent more fat to form in the body.

Lastly,if you really want to lose weight, then I plead with you to wait for some hours to pass by after eating before sleeping to help the food digest. Avoid eating late at night to help you lose weight. Avoid drinking too much of alcohol.

Thank you for reading.

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