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Check 15 likely questions on Ananse in the land of idiot

Dear candidate of preparing and waiting for the upcoming wassce 2020, test your mind on these question on Ananse in the land of idiot to see your standing now.

Below is the questions

1. Kweku Ananse says he has lost ........ where he is.

a. Confidence

b. Credibility

c. Control

d. Fame

2. Who is the father of the leader of the maidens?

a. The old one

b. King Dosey

c. Ananse

d. Queen

3. What gifts does Ananse present to the king and his elders

a. Money

b. Headbands

c. Kente

d. Honey

4. Which of the following refuses to take a gift from Ananse ?

a. The king

b. The queen

c. The priestess

d. The old one

Q5. Who apprehends Ananse eating the sacrificial meals?

a. Mbasila

b. Odudu

c. Akpala

D. Pootagyiri

Q6. 'You go to sleep on duty, snoring like a pregnant pig'. This statement is an example of .........

a. Smile

b. personification

c. Metaphor

d. Metonym

Q7. Where is Ananse's craft shop located?

a. On a hill

b. On top of a tree

c. In the palace

d. In the forest

Q8. 'Look pretty princesses are won by brain, not brawn'. The sound device used in the above statement is ....

a. Parallelism

b. Echo

c. Pun

d. Alliteration

Q9. At what specific time is Akpala to meet Ananse?

a. At noon

b. At dawn

c. At midnight

d. In the evening

Q10. How many spears does Kompi have?

a. Three

b. Seven

c. Nine

d. Ten

11. What disease did Pootagyiri suffer during his boyhood ?

a. Measles

b. Shingles

c. Mumps

d. Yaws

12. What happens when Pootagyiri walks?

a. He leaps

b. He limps

c. He stoops

d. He laughs

13. During the marriage ceremony, Ananse is warned not to

a. Dose off

b. Smile

c. Frown

d. Speak

14. The king orders Mbasila and his men to ...

a. Cremate the body

b. Throw away the body

c. Mutilate the bod

d. Exhume the body

15. What other physical feature does Pootagyiri have?

a. He is gap toothed

b. Bald head

c. A long nose

d. Squinty eyes

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