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Impressive Health Benefits Of "Touch Me Not" Plant According To Health Experts

“Touch Me Not” plant is very familiar plant. When we tough it, it's leafs get srink. We usually find it in garden and fields. These are very small plants roughly few inches. It's scientific name is Mimosa Pudica. But also has a lot local name. Like Shy plant, sleepy plant or shrinking plant etc. This plant has a lot health benefits. Below are exceptional health benefits of " touch me not" according to health experts.

Excessive bleeding during Menstruation. Juice of Touch Me Not plant along with honey, if taken twice or thrice daily than woman can get a lot relief during Menstruation.

Cuts and Wounds. Small cuts and wounds, which usually kids get during playing, can be cure quickly by this plant. After wash the cut it wound, apply crush plant leafs on the wound. It will work as antiseptic and pain killer.

Loose motion or Diarrhea. Non infectious diarrhea can be caused due to weather change to hot and high humidity or Eating oily, masala or spicy foods. This can be treated by juice of this plant.

Stomach Ache and Intestine worms. it's common that kids to develop intestine worms. This can cause stomach ache. The juice or paste of this plant leafs along with honey can give greater relief in this situation.

Skin Itching. Due to bacterial skin infection, people experience a lot itching. The paste of root of this plant along with mix of paste of it's leafs can treat itching problems.

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Mimosa Pudica Touch Me Not


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