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Check out the funniest and wierd nose Masks people actually wore during the pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of lives to be lost, a lot of brocken homes, a lot of job layoffs and a lot of brocken hearts. Frustration was all over the globe as panic grew in us.

In order to curb this pandemic or if not possible, minimize the rate at which it spread, the World Health Organization put in place protocols. The most popular one of it all is the wearing of nose masks.

At first people felt suffocated when they wear the nose masks but as time went by the public added some flir and style to it.

Some of these flirs and styles might have been too much or taken too seriously by some people as they brought all kinds of crazy ideas into life.

Some of them caused a lot of stir on the internet. Why? Because.... Why don't you check them out for yourself.

1. Dog masks.

2.Pad mask

3. Shoe Mask.

4. Vegetable Mask.

If you don't know now you know. Don't you think the styles are too much? Or might it have been poverty?? Maybe. Why don't you let us know your answer to the question by commenting below.

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