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Covid-19 Vaccine: The Decline In Delta Variant Protection Strengthens Calls For Booster Campaign

Two doses of Pfizer jab seem to offer greater initial safety than AstraZeneca, but its effectiveness declines faster, according to the study – as specialists emphasize vaccines are the safest method to decrease risk. When likened to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine appear to offer greater initial security against the Delta version of Covid-19, but its effectiveness drops faster, according to the preliminary survey.

According to Oxford University researchers, the degree of security provided by both vaccines after four to five months is comparable, with the AstraZeneca jab remaining effective throughout.

The research results, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, support the claim for third "booster" jabs for defenceless patients, according to independent professionals.

The experts stated that, while vaccinations did not completely remove the possibility of contracting Covid-19, they did lower the threat and were the most appropriate way to ensure safety against the Delta variant, which has become prevalent in the United Kingdom. According to Dr Koen, the group "can be hopeful" that the figures "truly reflect a decrease" for the Pfizer vaccine, whereas there was "no alteration at all in the safety of AZ" for AstraZeneca.

"Even with these barely noticeable drops in safety against all infectious diseases and illnesses with high viral burdens, it is essential to recognize that overall efficacy is still very significant because we began at such an elevated level of safety," he said. It is also worth noting that the data presented here does not provide information on safety levels against serious infection or hospitalization, which are two critical factors in determining how well vaccines function.

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