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Try These Fruits In The morning For Good Health.


Foods are essential substances for good health. Fruits are good for the body when taken early morning before going out to face the day's odeal. There are a lot of health benefits in taking fruit juice.

Many people might not see the benefits of it or may do it out of ignorance not to eat it all. This can lead to a lot of deficiencies in the body. Eating of fruits can help prevent one from getting certain diseases such as inflammatory, skin formation, heart diseases and many others.

Taking these foods are of great benefit to the human body:

1. Banana

- It provides Vitamins for the body.

- It a source to healthy skin formation.

- Whitening of teeth.

2. Grapes

- Helps reduce high blood pressure.

- It helps prevent kidney stones.

- Controls insulin in the body which regulate sugar level.

3. Pineapple

- Reduces rate of cancer.

- Regulate digestion of protein.

- Helps in preventing inflammatory diseases.

4. Avocado Pear

- Provides fats for insulating the skin.

- Serves energy giving in the absence of carbohydrates.

5. Mango

- Rich in vitamin C for healthy growth

- Helps do away with diarrhoea.

- Helps in metabolism.

6. Strawberries

- Prevent skin cancer.

- Bladder cancer prevention.

- Helps in controlling breast cancer.

7. Tangerines

- Provides the body with vitamin C.

- Helps regulate cholesterol.

- Prevent arteriosclerosis.

- Reduces risk of cancer.

8. Apple

- Maintain a smooth menstrual cycle.

- Reduces cholesterol in the body.

- Promote good eye sight.

9. Oranges

- Rich in vitamin C system.

- Helps prevent cancer.

- Provides enzymes for the body to fight against infections.

10. Pawpaw

- Regulate rate of metabolism.

- Helps prevent constipation.

- Controls quick digestion.

- Good for the brain.

Eating these foods on daily basis will help develop your health benefit.

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