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You're your brain. Train your brain to produce what you need.

Most people think they will do just fine when given $1000 to start a business, But it isn't always so. The richest assert one can ever afford is a rich mind. A mind rich in health, positive and critical thinking,decision making and imagination is the few among the basics that we all need.

I quiet remember when I was young,would fold my hands around me and wonder my wealth in the future, what I was going to do with it,and how to always make more. It always the brain that takes the lead. The world is now controlled by people who make the right thinking,make accurate decisions,create ideas with their imagination and develop this ideas into reality. However far you'd want to travel, an active mind is what you most need. Here are few tips to go about the brain.

Firstly, do not hate any body. You're are surprised right,talking of rich and bringing In hatred??But do you actually know that hatting people doesn't hurt them but you,you become a prisoner with your mind and its not relieved to explore this wonderful world by bringing the right ideas,judgement, creativity Joy. This has been an emerging canker and very few can reliase this.

Secondly, read.You heard me right, read.The world is controlled by leaders,and leaders are readers, they are successful in their endeavours.

Pick a mentor, that's right. But in so doing ,do not just follow their steps, but seek what they sought

Avoid using the brain for unnecessary things. People think having sex is the only best way to be happy. The more sex you have,the weaker you get. Avoid watching phonographic material,it's damaging the brain more than you can imagine. Studies show that people who people who did not watch phonographic material are able to make more matured and problem solving decisions through critical thinking then those who watch .

Abide by this and you'll soon be transforming

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