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Badu Nkansah Textbook Debacle- ASEPA Writes

A number of people have shared their thougts concerning the controversial "Textbook" which has taken a long time. Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Executive Director Mensah Thompson has waded into this conversation.

According to him, apart from the needless enforcement of outdated stereotypes, it's impact on the mental health and self- esteem of our children is dangerous and the over all effect is the outright loss of identity for Ewe children.

However, if you think that Badu Nkansah publication is mainly to defame Ewes, it wouldn't be in children textbooks.

The idea is to tag the Ewe tribe as inferior, something that has existed informally in our societies for long time. In addition, the idea to get Ewe children to shy away from their tribe, their root, their culture. If the next generation of Ewe children feels uncomfortable with their own tribe and shy away from their tribe then they pass it on to their children and it's only a matter of time and the Ewe tribe, it's people, it's culture, all goes into extinction.

He waded that is the plan, has always been the plan and the long term goal is to extradite Ewes from Ghana completely.

In a post, he posited that, as for Badu Nkansah publication the least said about their lame excuses the better. For them to conceive such an idea, let alone put into writing in a book meant for 7 and 8 year children requires much more severe repercussions than we have see thus far.

These are things that sparks ethnic conflicts easily in other jurisdictions and for that the publisher cannot be allowed to go scot free, they must be sued for inviting one tribe against another. Apart from that they must be made to stay away from the publication of children textbooks for a very long time even though none of these can completely appease the people of Volta.

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