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The case of Melanoma

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Today’s topic is based on Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma. Ever heard of it? It is a type of skin cancer that develops from the pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes. It can also be found in the eye but that’s very rare. In women, it is mostly seen on the legs, while in men, on their back. Unfortunately, the risk of this skin cancer is noticed to be in, women especially, under the age of 40. Let’s now have a look at what the symptoms are, what causes it, treatment and then prevention. 

In terms of the symptoms, the most one is seen to be the change in an existing mole or the appearance of a new one. No body part is free from this skin cancer, but uncommon in areas such as the buttocks and the scalp. The mole may sometimes be itchy and it will lead to the bleeding of such affected area. 

What causes melanoma isn’t yet figured out but “a combination of factors, including environmental and genetic factors, causes melanoma” says Mayo Clinic. The main cause observed, is the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, tanning beds and lamps. That’s doesn’t prove that it causes all melanomas but some of it. A weakened immune system makes it an easy habitat for the cancer to come dwell in the body since the body can’t fight the cancer cells. When an individual does not have enough melanin in their skin, there is less protection from the UV radiation. If you always have contact with sunburn, that can also increase your risk of melanoma. 

Can melanoma be treated? Yes it can. The only solution is by surgery for now. Who knows in the future, what researchers may find out? If there is a late detection, radiation therapy or chemotherapy, may improve the rate of survival. Can melanoma reappear on your skin? This likelihood depends on its thickness and how fast the cells are dividing and whether or not the overlying skin has broken down. So yes, there is a chance it may reappear and for that you will need a regular checkup to monitor your health and be safe.  

How do we prevent melanoma? One can do so by applying sunscreen every two hours, or more often, when swimming. You can also examine your skin often, to detect any changes, and be treated as early as possible. Don’t forget to avoid sunbeds and sunlamps. 

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Source: Wikipedia, and Mayo clinic. 

Image credit to: Mayo Clinic

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