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Disadvantage of drinking excess water

Water has many advantages so far as human beings are concern.

Some of the advantages of water are

•It lubricates our joints. Water lubricates our joints making our bodies move freely.

•It maintains our body temperature. Water drops or maintains our temperature by bring it back to normal when we are too hot.

•it maintains our body pressure

And lastly it flushes toxic and waste from our bodies.

Nevertheless, water has its own disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantage we as humans derived from drinking water are,

•Excess intake of water leads to fluid overload which can cause hyponatremia. This hyponatremia symptoms are fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

•Excess intake of water causes headache. This headache is caused as a result of the excess water reducing the salt level in the body.

And the last but not least is dropping of the electrolytes in the body. Excess intake of water drops the electrolytes in the body causing body cramps and spasms.

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