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Getting Over Rejection

Being dropped! It will occur to all of us at some point. Discussing the pain with a measure of reason is part of the art of living. The following tips will help you go through it and come out a better person if you adhere:

  • Don’t attempt to lessen what has happened. ‘Bravery’ has no place here. Allow your grief so much room, so much time, so many mournful songs, good meals, until you eventually bore yourself back into a desire for life.

  • Eliminate your imagination that their past sweetness and kind words would provide any covert indications of future commitment. Eradicate any remaining hope yourself if they didn’t quite have the courage to do so.


  • Don’t conceive that everyone can love on command. The ability to feel attracted lies outside the will. It’s not a question of not trying hard enough.


  • Get rid of ‘morality’ thoughts. They were not ‘bad’ for not showing much affection, nor were you ‘good’ for wanting them. You were both on the pursuit for pleasure that took you down different and conflicting paths. Our conscious minds ride like tiny boats on the swells of unconscious psychoanalytic and biological seas (TSOL 2021). Don’t turn this into a morality story.

  • We often incline to think especially well of people who don’t want us. It generates into self-hatred, and that isn’t romanticism, it’s a disorder. The challenge is to STOP being so appalled by people who do in fact want us and so appreciative of those who don’t.


  • Don’t connect rejection to your fears and dislike to being you.


  • Don’t amplify their qualities, insist on their distinctiveness, offer them sexual pleasure in the hope of shifting their mind with the thought that people can fall back in love with someone out of pity or of guilt.


  • Often laugh, and have a few rounds of unintended sex if that helps.


  • Ultimately, don’t keep thinking of the end of this relationship as terribly sad: the only good relationship, the only relationship worth grieving, would be one to which two people greatly wanted to belong.

Send your questions (if any) in the ‘comment’ for further clarity, and follow us for more intellectual publications like this. Try to have a blissful life every day!

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