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COVID-19: Deadly Indian Variant Now In Ghana

COVID-19 has claimed lives of many people all over the world. Measures have been put in place to help curb the spread of this virus, like the washing of hands under running, the use of hand sanitizers, observing social distancing and the use of nose or facial masks.

Biomedical scientists for Ghana has detected the Indian strain of COVID-19 in the country. Professor Gordon Awendare confirmed this news, he happens to be the Head of West Africa Center for Cell Biology and Infectious Pathogens.

This new Indian Variant is nicknamed "Delta" by the World Health Organization. According to the biomedical officials, the presence of this variant in the country is very alarming. The virus is very stubborn and has claimed lives of many Indians last month and still on going. It was even in the news that they threw their gods on the street for not being able to save them from the virus, this should tell us how dangerous it is.

According to him, vaccines like AstraZeneca and Sputnik V which we are relying on, can not fight this new virus. He said this new variant spreads faster than other Covid-19 variants.

Professor Gordon suggested that, the country should set up proper safety protocols at the main entry points in to the country like the airports, to curb the importation of this new variant.

Let's all keep on wearing our nose masks, observe social distancing and wash our hands thoroughly with soap under running water to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

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