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Young Man finds himself in serious trouble after revealing his HIV Status [Details]

In this life, there is nothing painful than been rejected and neglected by people. In Ghana, the issue of stigma is not something new in our communities. When it comes to stigmatisation, it is done mostly when a person has a terminal disease. One fine gentleman with the name Richard who happens to be a journalist disclosed to the general public some time ago that, he is an HIV positive patient. He decided to do that as an advocate to create awareness for people to test and know their status so they won't die as a result of that.

His good intentions has now ended him in a serious problem. Speaking to Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng on Crime Check TV, he made it known that from the time he granted the interview, his landlady has thrown him out of the house. The reason been that he is HIV positive and for that matter she can't stay with him any longer. Not only that but when he went to a barbering shop to shave his hair, the barber also sacked him that his boss has warned him not to allow him to enter the shop again.

His family and friends have started pointing fingers at him. Richard's good intentions have gone wrong because according to him, he decided to let the public know so that nobody will be deterred to go and check. Because there are several people who are positive without knowing and when it happens like that, they might spread it to other people. Because of antiretroviral therapy that is available, HIV is not scary anymore and has not been sending people to early grave as compared to the olden days.

What the landlady has done is against the laws of Ghana and when she is arraigned before the court of law, it can cause her a lot. This is because, there is no way a tenant should be sacked because he or she is HIV positive. There are many diseases which are even communicable and can spread very easily but they are still living in their homes. It is very sad that the young man is going through this challenge for doing what is good. Mr. Ibrahim Oppong then used the opportunity to seek for help for him to get a different place to stay so that he can get his peace of mind.

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