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Prevention Of Diarrhea

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As far as human life and healthy living is concerned, anything thing that brings abnormal function of the human system should be paid attention to and avoided at all cost.

And diarrhea is not an exception since it is one of the common disease happening day in day out to the vulnerable in the society in our everyday life, hence it is our objective to prevent it.

But how can one prevent diarrhea?

1. By reporting epidermic cases to the nearest health facility

2. Also investigate the source of the infection

3. We should dispose off faeces and refuse properly to ensure that, flies doesn't get in touch with them since flies are number cause of diarrhea. Flies goes and settle on faeces and return to our homes and settle on our foods in the process contaminating the food which will lead to diarrhea after consumption.

4. We should ensure good personal hygiene thus proper hand washing with soap under running water before eating and after eating and also after visiting the toilet.

5. We should also try and cover foods from flies and dust

6. Good nutrition to make our system strong to help fight against bacteria and viruses causing diarrhea entering our bodies.

7. Adequate supply of good drinking water

8. Foods should be well cooked

9. Always use clean utensils when preparing foods and when serving

10. Breastfeed up to two years with introduction of complimentary food at month six

11. Finally, provision of toilet facilities and ensure the proper usage of the facilities.

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