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Don't you think the Covid-19 vaccination card represents the 666 (the mark of the beast)?

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The Covid-19 emerged in 2019 but it was declared on 2020. It has brought both advantages and disadvantages but we won't tackle on that for now since that's not what brought us here. Many deaths have been recorded, it is by the grace of God we have finally found a vaccine to it.

Though they said the vaccine cannot cure it permanently, it fights against it and makes the human defence system being the immune system strong to be able to fight against the virus.

I guess we've all not forgotten about the 666 being the mark of the beast. It was said that it will come and deceive, and after it gives you the mark, you'll perish.

The Covid-19 vaccine has now turned to be a must since you'll be limited to certain things if you don't have it. It implies to the 666, also without it, you can't do anything.

You can't buy, sell, travel and it's happening, so don't you think the Covid-19 vaccination card represents the 666? It may be a coincidence but let's take it into consideration.

I won't stand strongly and say that it is really the 666 but considering, it may be. Because without it you can't buy, sell, travel, visit church, school or even work.

So, the Covid-19 vaccination card may represent the 666. I won't blame the President if he knows about it because since he has been borrowing money from the whites, they will attach conditions.

As opportunistic as they are they will definitely attach conditions which will lead to the President accepting, after all do a beggar have a choice. What confuses me and makes sense is that, they claim that without the vaccine, infected people may infect the uninfected ones.

It's true though but who knows if it's an excuse though it makes sense, after all excuses are made to manipulate.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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