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Study: Coffee Drinkers Are At Lower Risk Of Early Death Because It Reduces The Following Disease.

Life long is one of the main priority of everyone on this earth. However death doesn't matter the age, strength, quality hospital we've been visiting etc. But remember we can prolong our lives if only we take good care of our body system to work properly to resist the diseases which consequently can lead us to death.

A research made by one of scientists confirmed that, coffee drinkers are at lower risk of early death.

Scientists in China found that people who consumed moderate amounts of coffee every day had a lower risk of death over a seven-year period than those who didn't. And regardless of whether it was with or without sugar.

The largest reduction in the risk of death (by 29%) was observed in those who drank 2.5 to 4.5 cups per day. Scientists say the findings are not yet conclusive and require further analysis.

Previous studies have shown that coffee may be beneficial to health, because it reduces the risk of various diseases, from chronic liver disease to certain types of cancer and even dementia.

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