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52,000 kids living with HIV in Ghana - Rev Azumah

22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) Amsterdam, Netherlands. Copyright: Marten van Dijl/IAS Photo shows: Positive Flame walk

More than 52,000 kids are living with the HIV in Ghana, the Reverend John Azumah HIV and AIDS Ambassador with the Ghana AIDS Commission has uncovered.

Addressing the Ghana News Agency uninvolved of a HIV and AIDS test contest held at Ashaiman, Rev. Azumah expressed that the rate at which kids were tainted with the HIV infection was disturbing, a circumstance he said was unsatisfactory.

He clarified that youngsters were the fate of the nation and it was the obligation of obligation carriers to shield them from contaminations.

Fire up. Azumah depicted the tainted youngsters as a public issue saying in the event that care was not taken the kids would develop and furthermore contaminate their age with the infection.

As indicated by the HIV Ambassador, there was a ton of HIV vilification in the country consequently the reasoning behind the test rivalry to outfit the kids with data to assist manage the criticisms related with the infection.

He encouraged pregnant ladies to visit the wellbeing offices to get tried in order to know their HIV status adding that such a move would assist the wellbeing authorities with knowing the suitable move to make to ensure the mother and the unborn child.

Fire up Azumah said wedded couples ought to stay dedicated to their accomplices with an approach youthful grown-ups to swear off early and unprotected sex.

Ms. Nuerkie Sodjah HIV Focal Person Ashaiman Municipality expressed that the Municipal Assembly would keep on setting out on escalated instructive missions across the Municipality.

Ms. Sodjah said guardians should give basic consideration to the requirements of their youngsters so they don't succumb to terrible individuals in the networks.

She said her outfit would before long coordinate a few HIV tests across the Municipality to keep the kids informed on the rules and regulations, taking everything into account.

In a connected turn of events, the National AIDS/STI Control Program (NACP) has distinguished a few degree of actual maltreatment of pregnant ladies who test positive for HIV by their accomplices.

As a feature of a National Policy, all pregnant ladies who went for Antenatal Care (ANC) were regularly offered HIV testing.

The majority of the pregnant ladies who got to realize their status were obnoxiously and truly manhandled by their spouses who got vexed in light of the fact that they discovered they were HIV positive,

Dr. Stephen Ayisi Addo, Programs Manager of NACP expressed at a Stakeholder Engagement and Worker Appreciation Seminar coordinated by the Tema Regional Office of the Ghana News Agency

The GNA Tema Stakeholder Engagement is a stage carried out for state and non-state entertainers to resolve public issues and fills in as a persuasive component to perceive the article commitment of columnists towards public advancement overall and development and advancement of the Tema GNA as the modern news center point.

Dr Ayisi Addo said: Some of them didn't realize they had HIV, and was conceivable they contracted it from their mate, and when they illuminate them about it, they were assaulted genuinely and others were tossed out of their conjugal homes. This a type of misuse, segregation and vilification, he said.

That, he clarified, had represented the non-revelation of HIV status by certain ladies to their mates and others as a result of the maltreatment generally distributed to them.

He said in overseeing men who in all probability sent the infection to the females and got them pregnant, a large portion of whom were guiltless, there was the need to foster projects on avoidance instruction explicitly focused on at men to stem the tide.

Dr. Ayisi Addo expressed that: "the conventional part of the entire discussion ought to be checked out fundamentally too as certain practices and societies made it simple for little youngsters to be pledged as kid ladies.

He noticed that counteraction training should be increased at all levels to ensure youngsters and minors who were in danger of contracting HIV since they kept on participating in unprotected sex.

He said people living with HIV should go through complete treatment at wellbeing offices, and demanded that it is critical to welcome your accomplice to be checked and treated also to forestall reinfection to save lives.

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