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We need midwives urgently- Residents in Buni, Jaman North District pleads with government.

In a country where the lives of its residents are not valued is very dangerous and alarming. Every citizen is entitled to good health care in its country of residence but this is not true for most residents in this country. Lack of hospitals in certain regions in the country has posed a threat on the precious lives of most Ghanaians. Even regions with hospitals lack certain medical instruments to help in the delivery of good healthcare. We see most politicians and other well to do personalities travelling out of the country for proper medical care, leaving other poor residents who cannot afford such good health care treat to suffer.

The Buni community which is found in the Jaman North District in the Bono region of Ghana is a place which lacks a lot of social amenities. Today, the Assembly Member for the Buni Electoral Area, Hon. Charles Okyere Bediako has pleaded with the District Health Director, Dr Jacob Kojo Aliba to help the poor community by bringing them midwives to take care of their pregnant women from the onset of pregnancy to the time of labor.

He said, "we have been helped by a good Samaritan by building us a hospital but there is no midwife to take care of our pregnant women. Our roads are also very bad and as such causes most pregnant women who travel to the district capital capital for medical care mostly lose their pregnancies by using these roads, and even with those who survive will have to go through a great deal of pain before they bring forth."

This is an issue of great concern of which the government will have to act as soon as possible because we can't sit down and watch things fall apart in these remote areas. Everyone in this country has the right to good medical care. The government should act really fast on this issue to stop the deaths of these innocent babies. Pregnant women go through a lot of deal from the onset of pregnancy till delivery time so if they are not cared for in a way they ought to be cared for and at the end of these painful months of carrying their babies tend to lose them, it is not the best as a country. It can even cause emotional trauma and other psychological issues on these women.

Midwives will have to be sent to the district to help take care of pregnancy issues.

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