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Secret Of weight Lost And Solution To Cure All Sickness In Just Seven Days

Immediately after reading this article, many readers will start looking for corn cobs which is commonly called (Abrodua) in Akan, because it is very beneficial for mankind in all activities of life.when maize is is spread in the sun to dry and later the corn is removed from the corn cobs and later disposed off in recent times.

However let look at some of the amazing benefits of concobs that many are ignorant about.Due to the fiber content in corn cobs, it's able to heal wounds very fast and also smooth digestion and therefore eliminating constipation.It however has the ability to detoxify the human system from all toxins and therefore promoting good health.And surely curing deseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke, stomach ulcer, liver and kidney problems and weight Lost.

SO therefore I will set

the ball rolling, showing how to use corn cobs for general weight Lost and reducing protruding stomach, indigestion, running stomach and general body pains passed on from generation to generation

Instructions:- Find a surficient number of corn cobs and burn them in a charcoal fire for about 30minutes to burn completely,then quench the fire with dry sand by sprinkling the sand on the corn cobs.After the fire is set off, smash the corn cobs in a dry mortar to make powder, sieve it and keep.

Every morning and evening, find half cup of hot water and mixe 2 table spoons of corn cobs powder and stare very well to mixe and drink in an empty stomach first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening for(7) days and you will thankme later.If you like this article kindly follow, by clicking the red button on the top right side and you will be blessed because give and take is law of the spirit.

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