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Family abandons hospital bills of pregnant woman but shows up with enough money for her dead body

I would like to remind you all that people will pretend they love you but deep down, there's no element of love in their hearts for you. This article is a true story about a happening which occurred in a hospital. To keep confidentiality, the name of the hospital wasn't disclosed.

A hospital staff decided to narrate a whole incident about how a family abandoned a pregnant woman who needed their help. She couldn't deliver through the natural way and therefore, a surgery had to be performed on her. After the surgery, there was one job at stake. The family just had to show up and pay the medical bills which amounted to 1000 Ghana cedis.

According to the narrative, the relatives of the woman were not willing to pay, claiming they had no money. This had to force her to stay in the facility for 5 extra days. The hospital staff then had to come up with a plan to curb this issue. They told the relatives that the woman had died and they needed to come and clear all the bills before her body would be released.

I thought they said they had no money. Sigh, these guys showed up in about two hours in black attire and with money, hoping to clear the bills and take the body away. People can be cruel sometimes.

The staff took the money, settled the bills and released the woman and her baby to the family. They were pretending they loved her but facing the reality, they abandoned her when she needed them the most.

Netizens after seeing this, expressed shock and disgust for hypocrisy as they fired the family from all corners. I had to take a few comments from them. Let us take a look at them

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