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What you don't know about velvet beans.

Velvet beans In Africa there is an increased rate of snake bites bcs of the presence of forest and bushes around .some might be lucky enough to survive and others die on the spot.

Velvet beans are legumes and can be edible but also has health benefits such as treatment of nervous disorders, male infertility, and Parkinson disease.

However the seed of this particular bean is used in traditional medicine to neutralize venom of snakes and scorpions .which means it can be used to protect ur self from snake bites .

This particular Bean is found In Africa and also in some parts of Asia.

U might wonder why in the olden days priest would cut people's skin and insert a substance in their bodies ,then when they heal it would form bumps . They will then trick people that they have magic to stop or to not be affected by snake bites and truly they ain't affect by the bite of the snake it's all bcs of this seed in their skin that would dissolve into their blood.

Although the seed and the food and seed of this plant can help in management of health issues it should be carefully administered bcs of how itchy it is .It can cause ur skin to be reddish and make it lightly swallone.But should not worry bcs it will disappear within some time.

In order to avoid this,dont bring it close to ur skin.

Africa has soo many traditional medicine or plants and seeds that would solve the issue u might not think of . Africa is blessed

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