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5 Things You Shouldn't Do After A Meal

There is so much we don't know when it comes to taking the right step after a meal. When we don't do the right things after the meal we may cause serious health problems ourselves. In this article, we will discuss 5 things you shouldn't do after meals: 

1. Drinking Tea

Drinking tea after a meal is a habit for most people. This is because it is believed that tea boosts metabolism However, drinking tea too much can reduce iron absorption in the body. Therefore, it is advised you drink tea hours after eating.

2. Smoking

Smoking Cigarettes is harmful no matter the condition, however, it is more harmful after eating. Smoking immediately after eating can lead to different digestive issues like peptic ulcers and heartburn.

3. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetable immediately after a meal can do more harm than good. This is because many fruits contain fructose which can cause bloating. As such eating fruits on top of meals can be uncomfortable.

4. Exercise

Many think that exercise after eating a meal will help their metabolism. However, this is not so. Exercise after a meal can lead to indigestion and digestive distress. Strenuous exercise has even worse effects. As such it is advised that you wait an hour before exercising.

5. Taking Shower

Last but not least is taking shower. It may not look like taking a shower can affect you after eating. But research shows that when you shower immediately after eating your blood focus on controlling your skin temperature instead of digesting your food.

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Drinking Tea


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