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My Disabled Children Have Been Locked Inside For 23 Years: This Is What Happened

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Celestine and his disabled brother.

Sometimes in life, it feels happy to do things on your own but at times, when things change and become the opposite, life becomes too hard and painful to live. This article is about the story of a woman whose two children have been locked inside for their entire life. They are disabled and cannot do anything on their own. Meet the two siblings whose sad stories shocked the world.

They are siblings but none of them cannot even speak, crawl, walk or do anything. They have been locked inside their entire life and their mother is the one who has been lifting them ever since they were born. This has caused a lot to their mother as a result of their disability.

The mother tells her sad story; I have two children with disabilities and in brief, they cannot manage to do a single thing. Waiting to hear them talking was all in vain. I took them to the hospital and the doctors assured me that they will walk on their feet but it did not work out. They all had the same characteristics when growing up. With the eldest, when she was growing up, she crawled nicely and her organs were functioning very well. It was promising that in the coming days she could start walking but she never went past crawling. When the time came for her to walk, she never walked and when the time came for her to speak, she never spoke a word.

When this started happening, I started consulting doctors but they were all in vain. When my firstborn turned 5 years, that was when I was terrified but before age 3, I thought it was normal. I thought it was just a matter of time because by then she could lean on walls. The doctors said it was normal so we needed to give her time. At age five I started worrying about the future of my children and started visiting hospital upon hospital but to no avail.

I was still a student in my second year at secondary school. Taking care of them and combining my studies too hard for me to manage. When the time came, I had to suspend my lessons because the second born had suffered from Kwashiorkor and I took him to the hospital. This also false me to take the girl along so that I can take care of her. Later, I decided to let them remain in an institution that deals with disabled people. Some doctors needed to do a day-to-day follow on them and this made me continue my studies.

A few years later, when I finished my secondary, I went for my children. I was very shocked to see them. They looked more disabled than the way I left them. The doctors explained to me that as the children kept growing, their disability also kept growing. I found that his legs were bent and the hips do not move to leave his back deformed. Everything changed for the worst. Their dad too died after they were born and they remain my responsibility. I am the only one who has been providing for all their needs. I must say that single parenting is the hardest thing in the world.

Life here is compared to the battlefield. Surviving here is very hard and my daily routine is like this; I wake up in the morning and then prepare food and serve them. I go out afterwards regardless of whether they eat or throw food away mistakenly because I have to search for a living. I always lock them inside and come back in the evening around 9 pm. They only come out when I am around.

Life is tearing me apart.

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