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You have been sitting on the WC wrongly. See how

The average person sits on a WC toilet as if sitting on a chair. The default position is 90 degrees, with your hips flexed at that angle

relative to your upper body. Now this situation is very dangerous, as it interferes with the passage of the intestine and completely closes it. This puts additional pressure on the intestines.

With globalization, toilets have appeared in a way in which people do not need to squat . However, over the years, experts have pointed to the damage done by the placement of Western-style toilets on our digestive system.

Some studies have shown that sitting on the WC at 90 degrees cause constipation, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and appendicitis.

Sitting on a modern toilet can be comfortable, but moving your knees and hips 90 degrees from your belly actually puts pressure on your anal canal and makes it difficult to empty your bowels.

Conversely, squatting moves the knee closer to the abdomen, altering the connection between the rectum and the sphincter and placing organs and muscles to relax the rectum. This will increase the evacuation efficiency.

If you are still using the old known "atonko" where you squat, you are doing it right but if you have evolved to the modern one, i will suggest you get a chair to rest your feet or adapt to the suggested styles in the pictures below.

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