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Three ways you can use alovera to cure your stomach ulcer

Many people are living with stomach ulcer managing it. Most people believe that it can not be cured just because of many prescription they might have received from medical practitioners without being cured.

There are some many medicines around us and because we are not aware of their significance and how to use them, make us suffer every day from our sickness.

Aloe vera is one of those medicines around us.

A friend took it because of his stomach ulcer and body pains he has been complaining of going for many tests and taking many medicines yet no results. And one day he decided to try this aloe vera plant.

This is how to take the aloe vera

1. You can chew it after washing it with water to make sure it is clean. It is slippery just like okro so if you don't take time you can't swallow it.

2. You can also take it by blending it. To blend just cut it into smaller pieces and do not add water. After blending you add honey to it for taking, or you add honey and blend together for easy mixture.

3. If you don't also this way you can buy porridge and squeeze the water and mix it up and take.

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