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Know Your Blood Group And The Types Of Food To Consume

The known blood types are; O, A, B, and AB. Each individual should know their blood type and the required foods to be eaten. This is because, research has shown that the foods we eat react chemically with our "blood type". Granted, if you eat foods designed for your 'blood type', not only will the food digest more efficiently, but you will be free from diseases and you may gain more energy.

In this article, we advice that you stick to foods that best fit your blood type in order to avoid unwarranted invasion of diseases into your body. However, there are persons who do not know which blood group they fall into. Such ones should consult their doctor for examination.

Type 'O' blood

Foods rich in protein, such as lean meat, fish, vegetables, and poultry are good for people within this blood group.

Type A blood

A meat-free diet based on fruits and vegetables, beans, and legumes, and whole grains are best for this blood "type". This is because, according to Peter J. D'Adamo, the designer behind this discovery, people with type 'A' blood have a sensitive immune system.

Type B blood

Suitable foods are eggs, vegetables, certain meats, and low-fat dairy. Individuals in this blood group should endeavor to avoid foods like corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds, and chicken.

Type AB blood

Foodslike seafood, dairy, and green vegetables are excellent for people in type AB. However, individuals in this category tend to have low stomach acid, so foods like caffeine, alcohol, and smoked meats should be avoided.

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