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Here are 3 S€kz position for Fat woman

Here are 3 S€kz Position for Fat women

Since they are fat and a lot of fatty tissue occupied many part of their body. Some s€k position won't favor them but am going to list some three position that always favors them and make them enjoy S€kz.Below are the five postion that will enhance their appetite and also improve their strength.

1. Cowgirl 

The cowgirl postion is among the position that many fat woman want since it improve their health and also enhance their appetite. In this position the man lies on bed and put up the pillow under the buttocks to raise his hip to a suitable angle for S€ks.

2. Spooning in this position you the man lies woman lies parrel adjacent to then man in an opposite direction this enhance appetite for s€kz and also enhance circulation of blood 

3. Crocodile is another S€kz position whereby the man lies in 90 degrees and woman lies in 360 degrees to enhance appetite.

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Cowgirl Crocodile


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