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How to treat malaria using neem tree leaves and pawpaw leaves

Malaria is a dangerous disease which kills many people each year round.

In the olden days, there were no orthodox medicines to treat malaria. Our parents and grand parents used to treat malaria by using the neem tree leaves and pawpaw leaves. This method of treating malaria was so efficient and very low cost. It was not expensive, this is because, the could just go and plugged the leaves without buying them. But, in this modern days, it so expensive in treating malaria. This is because, the orthodox medicines are expensive to be bought. I will like to emphasis on the olden way of treating malaria which is less expensive to people who can't afford to buy the orthodox medicines in treating malaria.

Just follow the procedure below:


first; Look around and get a neem tree around you. Plug the leaves.

see picture below.

second; plug pawpaw leaves

See picture below.

After you have gotten your neem tree leaves and your pawpaw leaves, make sure you set your fire, put water inside pot and add the leaves in the pot. After that, you will boil the leaves for 30 minutes. Take off the pot from the fire, get a bucket and pour the water in it. After that, you reserve some water in a cup. Let the water in the cup to cool small then, you doing it. When you pour the water in the bucket, you have to get your self a clothe, cover yourself fully with the hot water to let the vapor cover you for 30 minutes. When you are done, you will be sweating. Then your urine will be yellowish which indicates that, the malaria is coming out. After that, you are free from malaria.

Pls, what is you thought on this method? Comment below.

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