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Five Best Home Remedies To Relieve Tooth Pain According To Health Experts

Tooth pain occurs when the nerve in the root of a tooth or its surrounding is irritated. It’s vital to figure out the root cause of your discomfort. You can then determine how to relieve pain, swelling, or other symptoms. There are home remedies you can use if the irritation is minor. And if it is severe, you may require to visit your dentist. Expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers should talk to their dentists before herbal use.

Below are some home remedies to relieve tooth pain according to health experts.

Salt water rinse. A salt water rinse is an effective tooth pain treatment. Saltwater is a natural disinfectant as it can help loosen food particles and debris that may have stuck in your teeth. Salt water can also help heal oral wounds. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water, stir well and use it as a mouthwash.

Peppermint. Peppermint contains an active ingredient called menthol, which has numbing properties and can help relieve a sensitive tooth or gums. Menthol contains antibacterial properties that help inhibit the growth of bacteria. Use a cotton swab and dilute peppermint oil with a carrier oil, then apply it to the problem tooth and gum area. Carrier oils include; sunflower oil, jojoba oil, olive oil sweet almond oil.

Garlic. Garlic has antibacterial properties. It can kill harmful bacteria that cause tooth pain. It can also help relieve pain. For use on a toothache, crush a garlic clove into a paste and apply it to the affected area. You can also chew a clove of fresh garlic to relieve pain. You can also start using toothpaste that contains garlic.

Cloves. Clove can treat toothaches. Clove oil can numb the pain and reduce inflammation. It contains eugenol, a natural antiseptic. Dilute the clove oil with a carrier oil. Using a ratio of 15 drops of clove oil to one ounce of carrier oil;nPut a small amount of the diluted oil onto a cotton ball and apply it to the affected tooth or gum a few times a day. You can also add a drop of clove oil to a small glass of water and mouthwash. You can also start using toothpaste that contains cloves or add cloves to warm and take.

Guava leaves. Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial activity that can support oral health. Chew fresh guava leaves or add powdered guava leaves to boiling water and make a mouthwash. You can also start using toothpaste that contains the extract from guava leaves.

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