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Do this every morning if you want a 'Happy Day'

Do this every morning if you want a 'Happy Day'

The life most people goes through every morning, makes them either active or dull throughout the day. The morning energy is very important to every individual, because it determines your mood for the day. A day can be stressful if you wake up angry every morning. In other not to wake up angry every morning, try to be positive to yourself and never allow anyone to destroy that mood for you. Stay inside your room for sometime when you wake up, don't just budge out of the room immediately to wake from bed, stay for some few minutes before getting out of bed. 

Don't bend your head down, when you wake up from bed and don't kneel down. You can take in a glass of water, which is preferable good to your health as it helps remove and toxic substitutes from your immune system. After the water, go and exercise if you are found of exercising every morning. Don't try to stress yourself too much, because your body needs just three hours maximum exercise not full day or five hours exercise. 

Come home directly and take your shower after the exercise. Don't allow the sweat to dry on your body, or you have body odour in the near future. When at the shower, do not get under the water directly. This wrong sacrifices gives most people stroke, and paralysis. First touch the water with your toe and foot. Allow the water to bless that area for almost 30 seconds to one minute, before moving it up. After that, take the water to your kneels, and allow the water to flow there for the same period of time. After that, you are good to go, and place the water on anywhere of the body. Failure to do this simple test every morning, makes you liable to get stroke in the near future. 

Some prefers to take their breakfast before pasting, whiles others prefers to paste before taking their breakfast. The best way according to health personnel's, is to take your breakfast before going to paste. The mouth contains enzymes which needs to go straight to your stomach to help fight any bacteria at that movement, so taking the breakfast, sends those enzymes straight to your stomach. If you cannot take your breakfast, it is advisable to take water, a tall glass full will do. This helps you get a refreshed energy and mood for work any day. 

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )


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