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Tallest man in the Northern Region calls for help to seek for medical treatment.

Gigantism is a rare medical condition which results in abnormal growth particularly in height and girth. Before we zoom into this article, kindly follow for more updates.

This article will focus on the story of Sulemana Abdul alias Awuche, a 27-year-old who was featured on Joy News as the tallest man in Northern Ghana and is apparently suffering from a rare medical condition known as gigantism, which will have to be treated.

Sulemana, who was originally of average height, sprouted in height within a short period in what his family suspects to be gigantism, which causes abnormal growth, particularly in height. Sulemana's aunt Rukayatu explained that due to financial constraints, they were unable to send him to the hospital.

Speaking to Joy News correspondent Mahmud Mohammed Nurudeen, this is what Awuche's Aunt had to say,

"I am not always happy to see Awuche in his current condition. When he was born, he was really handsome but when he completed senior high school, he went to Accra. It was after he came back from Accra that these abnormalities occurred to him. Seeing Awuche's condition causes me to cry every day. We need people to come to his aid to help him get good medical care".

They therefore call on the general public to come to their aid.

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